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About Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)

by Dr. Majda Djordjevic


Nikola Tesla was an outstanding inventor and visionary. Many of his inventions were ahead of his time and hence were misunderstood and misinterpreted. Today, most of technology using electricity and electronics is a direct result of his inventions, and his genius permeates our lives twenty-four hours a day.

A moment doesn’t go by when we don’t use electricity to illuminate our indoor and outdoor spaces, heat up or cool down places where we dwell and work, or power up vehicles and machines in the industry and our homes. We rely on wireless transmission to listen to radio, watch television, communicate on the internet, use telephones, drones, and other remote-controlled devices. Tesla’s inventions also play an important role in space programs, medicine, and dentistry as well as in military, agricultural, computer and transportation applications.  

Over his lifetime, Tesla filed over three hundred patents but some of his inventions were not patent protected. He was an early pioneer and inventor in the field of alternating current production and distribution, famously harnessing the energy of Niagara Falls in the late nineteenth century. Some other of his most important inventions are polyphase induction motor, Tesla coil, radio, laser, robotics, X-rays and many more.

Over a century ago, he was already a major proponent of renewable energy and environmental stewardship. A modest and generous man, he dedicated his life to scientific discoveries to benefit humanity instead of for personal gain.

Tesla’s contributions are often overlooked, and people are unaware of the degree to which he influenced our contemporary lifestyle and benefitted our comfortable and modern existence which would not even be possible without his inventions. He stands as an inspirational figure for younger generations, and an ideal role model especially for those who are interested in science and engineering. 




Oct 13

October 13, 2022

NTHSA’s First Fundraiser for the “Nikola Tesla in Science Textbooks” Project 

The NTHSA held its first ever fundraiser on October 13, 2022 at the Serbian Community Centre in Edmonton. The purpose of the fundraiser was to raise matching funds for this upcoming and important research project in order to qualify  for a corresponding  grant under the auspices of Mitacs, a national research organization. Our partners included the Calgary Tesla Society, the Nikola Tesla Educational Corporation from Hamilton, Athabasca University and Mitacs.

 It was a special evening of speeches, fun, good food and entertainment. The variety show featured performances in music, dancing, singing and a poetry recital. The music ranged from classical to modern electronic compositions. The dancing featured tango and ballet. The food was outstanding with both light and full meals individually packaged and served. There was also an opportunity to purchase some gift items. The raffle and door prizes also added to the excitement of the event.

Our financial goal was met and for this we thank all involved: the Serbian Orthodox Church St. Sava for a beautiful venue and assistance in the program, the performers who shared their talents with us, the Board and the volunteers who made it all possible, and our guests and generous donors for their participation.



Greeting from MITACS Video by clicking here

NTHSA Visits Ontario: August 2022

August 12, 2022 on a sunny afternoon, President Lillian Beltaos, Dr. Angela Beltaos, Director, and members Andrew and Dr. Spyros Beltaos, visited Niagara Falls and viewed the spectacular statute of Nikola Tesla, which was appropriately positioned on a hill overlooking the Falls. It was a truly impressive sight. Unfortunately, the access from the main road up the hill was not convenient and, there was also no parking nearby. Many folks passing by could have missed the monument altogether. Lillian will be writing to Parks Niagara pointing to this concern. This was her second visit to the site, having attended the official unveiling of the monument in 2006. At that time, Lillian met with Nikola Tesla’s grandnephew, Dr. William Terbo, who passed away in 2018.

Another exciting development from the trip was Lillian’s meetings with Vic Djurdjevic, President of NTEC and Dr. Majda Djordjevic, Director of CTS. (See last photo) Their discussions resulted in a partnership to pursue a Mitacs project with Athabasca University to include Nikola Tesla’s name and inventions into science textbooks wherever these might be missing. This is a key research project that should correct some historical facts!





Tesla vs. Marconi Radio Patent Dispute PowerPoint Presentation by Lydia Emanuel



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