NRC nanotechnology researcher's keynote speech marks Nikola Tesla Day

- Edmonton, Alberta

On July 10, Research Officer Adam Bergren of the NRC's Nanotechnology Research Centre gave a keynote address during a special event held in Edmonton to commemorate Nikola Tesla's contribution to modern society. Close to 200 people gathered to celebrate the occasion. Dr. Bergren's presentation described the newest developments in nanoscience and technology and how Nikola Tesla influenced his research on molecular electronics. Tesla is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current that powers homes around the world. In his own electronics research using molecules as circuit components, Dr. Bergren has helped develop an innovative guitar distortion pedal to deliver a unique sound with a useful voice and feel. The Mayor of Edmonton has proclaimed July 10 to be Nikola Tesla Day in honour of the late Serbian-American scientist's 163rd birthday. ""