November 28th Event -- NOTES


Members and Friends,

Our social on November 28th was very enjoyable and we missed all of you who were not able to join us. 


Before I go any further, I wish to thank our member,  Mr. Will Forrest from RBC Wealth Management Group, for making arrangements for booking of Kodiak room with the Management of Hotel Chateau Nova, our sponsor. These kind of facilities are beyond our means and Will’s arrangements are very much appreciated by all of us. 


The room was beautifully appointed along with a Christmas tree. We had a separate display of Tesla paper notes and door prizes, old telephones (courtesy of the Telephone Historical Centre), our standard Tesla books and memorabilia and a food table which this time was very special: the sandwiches were tasty and so was a variety of cheeses and crackers; however, the highlight were the sweets. The baking of some of our members is a star quality and this time our thanks go to Ms. Lydia Emanuel, Dr. Elaine Beltaos and Ms. Pat Testo.


The program reflected on this year’s achievements and also focused on the next year’s objective of  “bringing Tesla to Edmonton”. We started with the telephony but will proceed with the power arriving to Edmonton and go further.. His inventions shaped the society during his life and, of course, beyond. 


 We learnt what a bitcoin is from Mr. Milosh Dumanovich and found out about the sculptor whose Tesla sculpture’s image appeared on the first bank note. Unfortunately Mirko was teaching on Wednesday night and could not be with us. A lucky winner of a Tesla Bank note was Mr. Harold Hornig who is simply a winner this week on all fronts. I am honoured to announce Harold Hornig’s Salute of Excellence Award from the City of Edmonton for his community service. Yet again Harold, congratulations! Harold is a founding member of our society, and the webmaster. He is a tireless and innovative leader with endless energy and enthusiasm. Other door prizes included a couple of books and an original pin sculpture of Tesla donated by Ellie Shuster, the President of Alberta Sculptor’s Association who also had some souvenir items for sale during the reception. Last and not the least, we had a special treat for the youngest attendee.We also had a couple of informative Tesla Tales: one expanding on the Tesla Sculpture on the banknote and one on a Tesla Christmas Tree. Yes, you can purchase these wireless trees on the Internet. If you need further information, write to us:, and we’ll provide further details.


Please visit our website – in a couple of days – to see Mirko’s informative film and view the slides at your leisure. 


Welcome to new members and thanks to those who’ve already renewed their membership fees!


Happy Holidays everyone!





PS – TESLA is a unit of Magnetic field strength. More on this at forthcoming events.

Click to view Nikola Tesla on Paper Money and Coins, by Mirko Dumanovich