NTHSA Field Trip to the Edmonton Power Historical Foundation (EPHF) Museum

August 21, 2021


Several of the NTHSA executives including a few of our members at large enjoyed a personalized group tour of this wonderful facility, located just outside Leduc. One of the highlights was President Lillian Beltaos presenting our new Nikola Tesla poster to Paul Collis, President of the EPHF who was our primary tour guide, in addition to Gary Millang. The poster will be permanently displayed in the Museum in recognition of the immense contribution Nikola Tesla made to power generation. The Museum houses an impressive array of early pieces of equipment such as turbines, steam engines, instruments, generators, and interesting interactive exhibits, with the group spending an informative afternoon exploring the historical collections.



NTHSA group watches demonstration by Paul Collis
Vice President Lydia Emanuel  and Paul Collis with interactive exhibit
Treasurer Robert Litschel and Gene Emanuel study inner workings of Thomson Houston 1880’s Dynamo Generator with Gary Millang
NTHSA Secretary Dr. Angela Beltaos and Gene Emanuel listen to Paul Collis




Restored Corliss Steam Engine
Tesla’ looking’ at Edison’s D.C. Bipolar Dynamo (Generator) as if saying A.C. Power is a better way to go!
Andrew Beltaos ‘throws a switch’’ under supervision by Paul Collis
Everyone thought these resembled something out of a sci-fi movie but they are Mercury Arc Rectifiers.