March 10, 2020 Science Series and Pi-day Event






This year’s Science Series presentation and Pi-day commemoration was three days ahead of the official date, but was met with great enthusiasm by members and guests who enjoyed a program packed with informative speakers.

The evening opened with President Lillian Beltaos outlining the schedule for the evening, which began with  Mr. William Forest’s presentation about Thales of Miletus–an ancient Greek scientist from the sixth century B.C..  Thales discovered early aspects of electricity, correctly predicted the eclipse of the moon, and originated scientific methodology, using deductive and mathematical proofs. Among them was a theorem about the geometric relationship between a right angle and points on a circle–a very appropriate link to Pi-day and the continuing mathematical mysteries of the circle.

The keynote speaker for the evening was Dr. Christian Beaulieu who captivated the audience with his presentation about (MRI) Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Dr. Beaulieu’s background was impressive– Professor of Biomedical Engineering, as well as a Scientific Director of the Peter S. Allen MRI Research Centre at the University of Alberta, and a Canada Research Chair.  We learned that it was Alberta’s MRI research that historically pioneered the many global developments in MRI that followed. It brought the audience to a laugh each time he portrayed the Tesla Units generated by successively more powerful MRI machines as fractions of Nikola Tesla’s portrait.

A Tesla Tale (a regular feature of NTHSA gatherings) related by Ms. Lillian Beltaos ensued, and it was ‘a first’ for the audience to learn that it was Nikola Tesla who registered the first five patents for automobile speedometers!

One of the members, Konstantin Jerinic, had written a poem in English and in Serbian, entitled Tesla on the Planet of Earth. It was read aloud by Vice President Lydia Emanuel at the end of the evening.

Other highlights of the night were various door prizes  of books about Nikola Tesla, as well as a chance to win a complementary client income tax preparation, courtesy of our Treasurer, Mr. Robert Litschel.  There was also a table exhibit of numerous Nikola Tesla artifacts. A particularly original one was a wood carving of Tesla by local artist Ljubomir Ilic.

Participants had an opportunity to mingle casually with all the presenters and engage in further discussions, help themselves to sandwiches, beverages, and of course, Pi-day pies during the reception.

Many thanks to the Italian Centre for donating pies of various flavors for the reception, and also a big thank-you to the Chateau Nova Hotel for providing us with such a comfortable and spacious venue for the evening.



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